Super Natural Essence

Holistic Wellness Support for Pregnancy and Beyond


Lexi has magic hands! She is deeply intuitive with her comfort measures and her strong but gentle hands give the most subtle counter-pressure. I felt so supported even with just her silent presence near me. My husband says the thing he appreciated most was the birth photos she snapped during quiet moments. We highly recommend her services! During my home birth in water, the work paid off big time as my water broke at 2am and regular strong sensations began right away. [called in the midwife and doula at about 4am, got in the pool and my body intuitively and smoothly birthed my son at 7:11am] I never expected to describe birth as beautiful but it truly was beautiful. I never even pushed. My body experienced the Ferguson reflex and in three final surged he was in my arms. This experience was deeply healing and redemptive. I am deeply grateful to have an at home in water birth experience that went so well.